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How To Fix The iPod Touch White Screen Of Death

As a loving owner of the Apple iPod Touch, (two actually...hey, my wife kept stealing mine!)...I've run into what has become known as the white screen of death. The solution is actually pretty simple so for those that are new to the device I thought I would toss it out there in case anyone else runs into it.

To fix the iPod Touch white screen of death the solution I've used is press in the sleep/wake button on the top left of the device, and the big circular home button on the front face on the bottom. Do this for roughly 10 or more seconds and the device should shut down/off. Give if a moment and then restart the device.

This has worked for me the (3) times it has happened to me so far. If all else fails there is a "restore" button function within the iTunes application for when you have the device attached to your computer. I have not used this method myself so I cant vouch for how it works.

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Support Material: iPod Touch User Manual

- Scott

Posted April 08, 10:49pm
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