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In Seattle we have Boeing in Aerospace, Microsoft in Cyberspace, and Starbucks coffee to keep us all awake for the ride!

Like a personal folder left open, here you can read the rambling thoughts of a self admitted coffee junky.

Current Popular Posts:

  • why itunes sucks
  • fun with alexa
  • February Calendars Free Printable Calendars:

    Sharing printable calenars for free in a PDF format. Hope you enjoy my photography!

    December Calendars

    iPod Touch & iPhone Wallpapers Free Wallpapers

    Get free iPod Touch wallpapers and iPhone wallpapers formatted for your iPod Touch and Apple iPhone.

    Old Robe Trail Retaining Wall Hike Information and Pics

    Pictures and descriptions of hikes that I have taken in the State of Washington.

  • lime kiln trail

  • big four ice caves

  • old robe trail

  • Seattle Space Needle Things To Do

    Random places and trips I have taken in order to get some shutter time with my camera.

  • Woodinville: Molbak's Nursery

  • Seattle: Kerry Park Pictures


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